Friday, November 29, 2013

Dear Band,

As you can see, I renewed the whole blog because I find the old one really damn old... And i deleted many old posts. I think you would like the new page compared to the old one if you saw the old one haha.

For the 3-day-camp, I'm glad to see that some of you improved quite a lot in terms of music, and took initiatives to help. I also want to thank the seniors and alumni who came back to help. However, for the naughty ones who did not know how to behave themselves, I suggest you to learn to because you can't be kids forever. Yeah I know you are 'kids', so you are just to be punished after you do your naughty behaviors. ;)

After all, it is your holidays. I hope you enjoyed the time with our band, and can enjoy your one-month-left holidays. Here's a kind reminder-- the next practice will be on the 27th of Dec, 2013. Make sure you will come punctually. The revisions or other studies-related stuff are not so important for the juniors of this year, so please ignore Mdm Chan and enjoy your life when you still can. ;)

Cheers! and also 'love',
You beloved Band Major

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

These are some of the photos from the exchange we had with bsru :)

                           Flutes !

Clarinets !

Oboes & Bassoons !

Saxophones !

Trumpets !

French Horns !

Trombones !

Euphoniums !

Tubas !

Percussion !


Bedok North Symphonic Band